6/11/2018 UPDATE: The service is up. Get it while it is online. This is a temporary service available until the normal supplier comes back online. Once it does it will be a 100% service again. Until then this service may work you.

Read this first before purchasing:

International unlock with limited US success. 


Success Rates: 

60-70% Success Rate


40-50% Success Rate

0% Success Rate
ACTIVATION: Yes (See "Before you Purchase" section)

Warranty: 30 day or as long as the service is online relock warranty is given by supplier.

Service Disclosure: Historically over the last year Sprint has been very unstable and subject to delays and going down at any time. 

If you absolutely can not accept the success rates or delays, can not remain patient during a delay, or known to leave negative feedback for delays or the server going down, please do not buy this service. By purchasing this service you agree not to leave negative feedback after I refund if there are delays or your phone does not get unlocked. Thank you! 

40-70% Premium Factory Unlock:

All Sprint Mobile USA iPhone including: 

iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+ SE  *Only*

For iPhone 7, 7+ click HERE

For iPhone 8, 8+ click HERE

For iPhone X click HERE

Please be sure that your iPhone is locked to Sprint USA

You can unlock your iPhone even if it is under contract, financed, leased, or an active on account.

Before you purchase


Please DO NOT send me a message with "can you unlock this imei" if you have not done these next steps.

1. Pull a Apple GSX Report HERE  and send a copy with your purchase.

2. Device MUST have the following SPCS/Activation info to be supported. 

Your report must have this info:





Not Supported:


Accounts with 0-10 Ebay Feedback:

Accounts with 0 feedback do not meet our guidelines and will be cancelled.  Under 10 You must contact me first before purchasing unless you have a history of buying this type of service.. 

To protect buyers accounts we carefully check every purchase for fraud. If We or eBay suspect that any order has been placed by a suspicious eBay buyer we reserve the right to hold it for further review or cancel any suspicious order. 

Delivery time: 3 to 10 business days (Mon-Fri) From "In Process" date not purchase date.

Batch Submission Info: This service doesn't go into procssing the day you submit. New IMEI's go into processing after the current batch is done. If you do not understand our submission batch info please us for more information.

Small Delays are possible which could push delivery times to 15 business days or longer if Sprint is backed up. If requested the supplier will allow cancellations after 30 days if not unlocked. 

Cancelation not possible after your IMEI has been queued, even if there is a delay. Until Boost, Sprint, Virgin either unlock your phone, or they cannot find a code and reject your unlock this service cannot be cancelled or refunded. By purchasing this unlock you agree with this term. Delays sometime occur.

How to send us your order and IMEI: 

  1. Please include your imei # in the original purchase order, please do not send your imei in a separate message this can be confusing, I receive many messages.
  2. Upon ordering click "add message" and type/paste your IMEI there. IMEI is 15 digits, to view it dial:  *#06#
  3. Type the 15 digits without spaces or slashes. Like this: 356123456789123 Not like this: 3 56123 45678912 3
  4. Also please include your phone model and service eg. "iPhone 6s Sprint"

Important information

Buyer is responsible to ensure whether the device will be GSM or CDMA compatible after unlocking.

Refund policy: If for some reason the unlock does not work you must allow us to troubleshoot it. We will refund non working code ONLY and after we have reviewed a video proof of the situation. If the supplier wants to reprocess before refunding this must be allowed which can take some time.

No refunds will be issued while your imei is still being processed even if there is a delay. There is no getting around this.

In the case of no successful unlock, we will refund you 100%

FAQ – Frequently asked Questions

        • I have a blacklisted Lost/stolen iPhone can it be unlocked - No. We do not service Blacklisted phones that are Lost/Stolen.

        • I have an unopened never activated iPhone, will this service work? - Yes! This service will be able to unlock your phone even if it is still in the original package never activated.

        • Can I cancel my order and get a refund?No. Once orders are processed, your order can not be canceled for refunded because the carrier has been paid for the service and does not allow cancelations. Please be patient your phone will get unlock even if there are delays

      I will send this item by postal mail. Sending this item by email or by any other digital delivery method is not allowed and violates eBay policy.