Please read entire description and BY ALL MEANS, come and look at the house if you can.  I live in this town and can show it anytime except Saturdays before 3 p.m.(that's my weekly trip to Bismarck).

These pictures were all taken in late summer of 2017.  Things have changed a little that may or may not affect you.  I tried to help a young lady that had alcohol issues get back on her feet...and it backfired on me.  In her 2 months of free rent she lost 2 jobs, had 2 ambulance rides to Bismarck and 1 Sheriff's ride to the detox center in Washburn....then left with several of my things, including the hutch that's in the 3rd or 4th picture.  She also did not clean up very well after her cats and cracked the elongated toilet seat in the bath pic.  I will replace that with a round one because that's all I have.  She also stuck me with the water bill because I am the owner....and I'll take care of that! There is a noticeable gouge in the linoleum in the kitchen that could be covered with a rug or a table...or replaced(approximately 100 square feet for the whole floor).

That's about all the bad, and it contributes to the handful of crimes I've even heard of since moving here in 2011. I've not heard of any violent crimes in our county since moving here and, with the exception of the 2 months she was in town, I almost never even lock my I'll touch a little bit on our quiet little town:

It is the county seat of Sheridan County. I believe there are 7 churches, 2 parks(the largest being about 1 1/2 blocks from this house). An outdoor, lifeguard protected pool in the large park in the ice skating rink in the winter. It's 63 miles from the nearest Super Walmart in Bismarck, but has a Super Valu grocer, convenience store, all purpose hardware and supply, post office, pay-at-the-pump island with ethanol free premium gas, an American Bank Center bank, drug store, the courthouse with sheriff's office....everything you need for between Walmart trips.

It is commutable to lots and lots of jobs in both Bismarck and Minot.  A little over an hour to Biz and 1 1/2 hours to Minot....all really good 65 mph roads.

I have room for 2 newly taken photos.  On the 1st of April, I'll add 2 pics of the most requested.

The house is ready to move into after a rough cleaning.  I will throw in a Bissell shampooer and enough Rug Doctor solvent to clean all the carpets.  The heat(electric) is on and I'll make sure it stays warm enough to keep the pipes from freezing until closing...and a no interruption in service from my name to yours.  The water heater is full and the breaker has been turned off, so it's a matter of heating it up before showering.  The water is on standby and I'm good friends with the city maintenance guy, so no issues, and I'll settle all the city water bills until you take over.  The minimum water, sewer and trash bill is $66.00 monthly....or $22.50 on standby with no trash pickup.  If you have a family, your water bill be likely a little higher.  I'm a bachelor and almost always stay under the 3000 gallon minimum.  The taxes are paid through 2017.  They will not be due again until February of 2019.

I'm not sure if you can keep the water off with the change of ownership.  It may be that because you are the new owner, you may have to pay the standby fee if you remain out of issue if you plan to move in.

There is a 1 car, small detached garage with a remote control opener.  it would be usable for a car like mine, but a full size car or pickup may not fit and still be able to open the car door.  If you park on the street like I do at my house, you are supposed to move your car every 48 hours in the winter.

PLEASE do not provide your personal info when asking a question, as I will answer every question so it's visible in the listing.  I'm not trying to hide anything!  This is rural North Dakota and the house would only rent for around $300.00 per month plus utilities.

This house was purchased for back taxes approximately 19 years ago, so only a quit claim deed will be given.  Once the 20 years is up, it is a simple matter to get a good marketable title from the courthouse; otherwise, it costs around $1000 to upgrade, mostly legal fees.  This will have no bearing if you plan to live in it.  There are no liens or encumbrances, and the taxes are paid current(through 2017).

THIS IS A CASH SALE!  I know people will ask about financing, so I will tell you that a substantial down payment would be required IF an offer was accepted.

The lots(together) are a full rectangular 50 X 140 feet.  The legal description is:   Lot 23-24 Block 6 Hamilton's Addition, McClusky, ND 58463.  The taxes are exactly $123.86(if paid by 2/15) and are paid through 2017.  The physical address is 402 S. Main, also in McClusky.

The taxes are based on a value of $12, 650.  They may fluctuate if the house gets re-assessed because of recent upgrades(new steel roof, electrical updates, etc).  This number is definitely low.  The only thing close to comparable was a 1 bedroom that sold to a realtor for $30,000.  I would say the actual value is about twice what the assessed value for taxation don't be shy about bidding on this

2 bedroom, 1 bath, detached garage, quiet and safe neighborhooded little slice of heaven with great schools(also walking distance).

$500.00 Paypal deposit required within 1 day of auction's end.  Send me all your information ASAP for an April closing.  All fees paid by me to our local attorney(who does almost all the deed work here in Sheridan County).

Please have available funding!  Contact me before bidding if you have less than 10 feedbacks.