Please read. Camera has a minor issue with the EVF, hence the price.  Purchased this a while back and have been using it occasionally, but decided I just like full frame better. IQ is much better than I expected, but have more fun using manual lenses on my A7 series.  Camera is in great shape, shutter count is a bit over 15,000. 

The Issue: the camera does have the sporadic white EVF issue. Basically camera is fine, you put your eye up to the viewfinder and it's all white. Take it away and the LCD works fine. It takes a battery pull to reset the EVF and get it working again. Seems to be related to heat, hasn't happened since being in the sunshine on warm days. That said, the camera still functions fine when this happens and you can use the LCD if you need to get the shot. 

Comes with box (kit lens sold), two OEM batteries and charger. I'll also include a Toshiba FlashAir 16GB MkIII card that I used to add wifi to the camera. Also includes remote release and Olympus compact flash. Last, I'll include a Leica M to M4/3 adapter for adapting RF lenses. Works pretty good.