- Tang Dynasty Style

This Antique painted Chinese Buddha Statue is sourced from Northern China
It is handmade from clay or terracotta hollow thick clay or earthenware

Beautiful muted pastel colors with wear and loss of paint and glazes
with dirt residue and possible repairs
-There may or may not be a repair to where the head connects with the
body, it is difficult to see if it is that or just missing paint or glaze
(ergo must be a decent repair) 
-I have owned this Buddha Statue for decades and still can not tell 

-The Chinese Gov't Antiques Customs Red Wax Seal
is still on the statue on the front of the Buddha's Robe. 
It has cracked into a few pieces from age, but this
still makes the piece even more unique & valuable

MEASURES: 7" Tall x 4.5" Wide x 4" Deep

This Beautiful & unusual piece will be a great 
addition to any collection of Asian Antiquities
It is in good condition & has been in my private collection for many years
It will make someone a great display piece and /or conversation piece