About 3 inches tall, these are very old glazed porcelain Chinese figures with tiny holes for nostrils and in the ears as well. They appear to date from the 1920's, perhaps, from information I have looked up. I really do not know how old they are except that they came from an estate with many antique items. They have great detail but the glaze is not present in a rim at the bottom of the man statue. The glaze is a vivid turquoise/aqua color, very beautiful. There are no chips or cracks, just some very light crackling from age. I cannot do returns,so please ask questions. I will ship world wide on this item, but only through a shipping service that you must arrange. I am only responsible for getting the package to the U.S. based shipping service. Tracking and insurance will be included to the shipping service. I cannot do returns, so please ask questions. Ship to lower 48 states only. Shipping will include a very small handling fee.