Canaan Road
On the Mountainside Below Mohonk Mountain House
Absolutely Spectacular! Million Dollar Views - not an exaggeration
185' x 150' in New Paltz, NY
Gorgeous View in a Classic Resort Location!

  • In an excellent SUNY neighborhood - only 75 miles from NYC!
  • Good commuting location near I-87 and the State Route 199
  • Seller offers guarantee of construction approval (parcel is assured of being 'buildable')
  • Down the road from Mohonk Preserve and near to Sam's Point and Minnewaska State Park, Famous Historic attractions
  • World famous mountain climbing locations nearby - in the Preserve and at Boreacau Ridge, etc. World renowned climbing community and local amenities.
  • Skiing, hiking, golf, fishing, rafting, biking, etc. - year round outdoor activities and sights within a short driving distance
  • The Mohonk Preserve has been described by The Nature Conservancy as "one of Earth's last great places."

Amenities readily available - Excellent local schools

This great looking residential home site lot is situated in a very desirable location with excellent local schools and amenities. It is in a prime location near SUNY New Paltz, a major college in the State University of New York system. Its proximity to major highways makes for an easy commute to all the main centers of business and commerce in the NYC area and lower Hudson Valley region.

The property is located in New Paltz, NY, readily accessible from NYC and convenient to much of what Ulster, Sullivan and Greene Counties have to offer: mountain views, lakes, arts and music; trails (and several Rail Trails), fishing, hiking, hunting, biking, golfing, boating (Hudson River marinas), etc. There also is a new resort and casino development just 30 minutes drive away being built by Montreign Resorts that will undoubtedly spark further area commerce and business(details here). This is an area with good upside, in addition to its already nice features.

.. .. .."NOT a giveaway - but it IS a great deal"

Next door neighbor's home site has same kind of site engineering (soil fill, beam on post).
The site requires an experienced builder that understands foundation engineering (see photos showing neighbor where similar construction was done) - and it's really worth it, for its location and view potential. The best way to architect its construction is to utilize piers with bearing beams to create a level platform on which to build. This is a well known and recognized building technique; which, when employed, will allow for a conforming septic system and well to be installed. The septic system will likely require a soil fill for its leach field. This also is a matter for experienced builders; as well, and is a known and well recognized technique.

"Tremendous Value! Can't find this view and location on the MLS for much less than FOUR TIMES the price!"

The results will handsomely reward the effort; for a beautiful, wraparound Wallkill valley view that really is spectacular, in a prime University and 'old money' neighborhood. This is why the assessment on this property is some $40,000 - and, by contrast, there are parcels five times larger that are assessed at say, just $5,000 because - for example - there's a real 'swamp' in there that couldn't reasonably be filled.

"The thing is - there's plenty of parcels assessed at more than $40,000 in New Paltz - but not many $40,000+ parcels with this kind of view!"

Feature descriptions from some MLS listings in New Paltz, NY:

{ Please note, still working up comps and local features. Should be posted in a day or so. }

The neighborhood is considered upper middle class with a mix of college related professions and some 'old money'; with home prices here generally from about $250,000 to the $600,000's. RE 'comparables' are shown below. Ulster County is a relatively well run local government and there also are some great American historical sites about 30 miles East of here from the Revolutionary War, and also the Vanderbilt and FDR estates on the Hudson River.

Easy access and travel from NYC; about 80 miles by road, close to I-87 . This is a NYC commute of only 90 minutes; to a upper class location with bucolic settings, world class views and a great Walkill Valley overlook view.

There is electricity at the lot line (other utilities are private, as described above: water, septic; which isn't unusual for many parcels in the suburbs and countryside). Taxes are fairly low so these won't pile up on you while you're waiting to build. Please note that there are no financial or legal encumbrances against this property; no loans, pledges, security interest, lien, prior year tax or other obligation.

Thank you for checking out my listing here. I am dedicated to building a fine reputation here on craigslist with nice looking parcels at a good to great value, backed by excellent purchase and sales support and dedicated to your satisfaction in buying real property. For questions or details concerning this property you don't see described here, please send a text message to (845)394-9206.

Seller Financing Available with Buy it Now (only): $3,000 Down, 5% APR (compounded monthly)
Your choice of term from 2 to 6 years (your preference will be used to calculate the monthly payment)
or monthly payment amount at a minimum of $100/month (your preference will be used to calculate the length of financing)

Property Description:
Town of New Paltz, County of Ulster, State of New York
Location: Canaan Road
S/B/L (Tax Map) #: 78.3-3-12
Class: 311 (Residential Vacant Land)
Size: 150 x 185 feet (0.64 Acre)
Electricity: to the lot line
Water: private
Sewer: private

BID WITH CONFIDENCE - Please see my feedback testimonies as a Seller of Real Estate on eBay


Please note: to be able to take actual ownership of this property, the Winner of this auction listing (Buyer) will have to follow through with Seller to complete a real estate closing;
including closing costs of an additional $400.00 (almost all of this, is the deed recording fee charged by the County). Please make sure you understand this, before bidding.
Most people who have ever researched or invested in real property are familiar with this normal practice. Yes; this is also stated in the auction terms written below.
Again, if you as a potential Buyer have any questions or concerns as to making sure you fully understand this process to make it successful for you, then please reach out to Seller, as shown below. I take pride in making good closing experiences for Buyers.

Please check back over the weekend for more photos and RE comparables. Thanks.

Photo Descriptions and Features:

1.  This really is a very nice view! Looking East over the Wallkill, this is a panorama composed of two photos, straight across to SUNY New Paltz campus. You won't find many others like this in the area!
2.  Regional map showing property's location in relation to NYC and the lower Hudson Valley. 
3.  View of the property looking North, showing near ground where soil fill is indicated for the septic leach field. The house will be built in the background of this view (see description above, for further details).
4.  Looking Northwest from across Canaan Road, showing the roadside border of the property. Views for miles!
5.  Northeast view, not far from from the Northwest corner of the property.
6.  The neighbor's house next door, who has a similar site engineering as described above, showing assurance of approval for a similar construction on the site offered here in this listing. And naturally, the great view...this also shows more of what it can look like, with some normal tree clearing.
7.  A closer look at the actual area of ground where a soil fill is necessary for installation of a septic leach field. The well (for water supply) will be drilled nearer the North end of the property (near area shown in Photo #5).
8.  Another photo from about two-thirds way towards its North end.
9.  View looking Southeast along its South border shared with the neighbor, whose lot is seen in Photo #6.

Terms of Bidding and Closing on this Real Estate Property:

1. Seller represents that Seller is the sole owner of the real property parcel described and offered for sale in this auction listing, with authority to convey to a bona fide Buyer. The sum total of property offered for sale in this Auction is as described above; no other real or personal property is included.
2. By participating in this Auction, Buyer hereby offers to purchase from Seller and Seller hereby offers to sell to Buyer, title to and ownership of the parcel of real property described in this auction, above; and legally known as S/B/L or Tax #78.3-3-12, Town of New paltz, Ulster County, New York State.
3. Upon receipt of payment in full as described herein, Seller shall make and execute a deed conveying title to 100% fee simple ownership of the real property described above in Term #2, and deliver same along with requisite State transfer forms to the County Clerk's offices for official recording. The County Clerk will send the new deed to the Buyer after its recording, by U.S. Mail.
4. Buyer hereby acknowledges that he/she/it has conducted a sufficiently thorough investigation of the real property described in this Auction and has performed due diligence to his/her/its satisfaction. Suitability or fitness for any particular purpose cannot be guaranteed.
5. Seller offers "90 % Buy Back" guarantee to Buyer, if and only if Buyer purchases the Sale Property at the listed"Buy It Now" price: As a special condition of this particular sale, Seller hereby offers to Buyer, a 90% refund guarantee ("Buy Back"): if a Buyer of the real estate property sold in this eBay listing at the "Buy It Now" price performs all of the steps necessary to bring a correctly prepared building permit application for a residential house building to the controlling local authorities (e.g., Town of New Paltz, County of Ulster, State of New York) and said application is rejected after all applicable due process; and Buyer applies to Seller for a "Buy Back" refund and proffers evidence of said rejection(s) of said building permit application(s); then, Seller agrees that Seller shall re-purchase the property from Buyer for a purchase price of 90% of the amount Buyer has paid to Seller of the Buyer's original purchase price (e.g., eBay winning bid). In the event of said "Buy Back" refund, Buyer agrees that Buyer is obligated to provide Seller with a deed of the same type and terms as was provided to Buyer by Seller (e.g., a"Bargain and Sale Deed With Covenant Against Grantor's Acts", conveying a legally and financially unencumbered 100% fee simple interest in this property to Seller).
6. Payment is due within three days of the Auction closing. Please be ready with enough available funds to make payment in full, at the time of the winning bid. Payment must be made in a form in which its funds are assured, e.g., as a check drawn on an official banking institution or equivalent, a USPS Money Order, a bank wire transfer, or as cash (in person). Buyer represents that he/she/it is bidding in good faith with funds immediately available for payment of the winning bid total amount due including documentation fees. Time is of the essence in this Auction. This means: Buyer hereby agrees to be ready with sufficient funds in an assured form for payment at the time of this auction's closing and to meet Seller with such payment in full in hand or to send such payment in full to Seller within three days of the auction closing.
7. The total amount due to Seller by Buyer for purchase of the real property sold in this Auction shall be the winning bid (sale price) plus documentation fees of $400.00(the large majority of which is for official recording of the new deed).
8. The property for sale in the auction is under contract to Seller, in which transfer of title to Seller is due in about three to four weeks. Seller agrees that Seller shall make and execute the new deed conveying title to the Buyer (winner of this eBay auction) within one week following the transfer of this property's title to Seller.
9. The present Auction terms are nominally sufficient to complete the purchase, sale and conveyance of the real property described in this auction. A separate Purchase and Sale Agreement ("P. & S. Agmt.") can be provided to Buyer by Seller, if indicated by Buyer within 24 hours of auction closing. Upon receiving notice of such preference by Buyer, Seller will deliver this P. & S. electronic means to Buyer, followed by courier or mail delivery of the original documents. Provision of this P & S Agmt.does not alter the requirement to remit payment within three days of Auction closing (as specified in Term #5, above).
10. Buyer agrees that Buyer fully understands that his or her participation in the paperwork process that prepares all documents necessary for acceptance of the new deed for recording by the County Clerk, is required. If in the event that, despite Seller's earnest good faith effort to coordinate with Buyer either by courier or mail delivery services, Buyer fails or refuses performance of said required participation within 60 days of the eBay auction or listing, then Seller shall send or deliver to Buyer a valid new deed of a type widely known and used in New York State as 'Bargain and Sale with Covenants Against Grantor's Acts' as described above, and Buyer agrees that shall constitute adequate performance under terms of this agreement. In the unlikely event said Buyer non-participation occurs, then Seller will not be obligated to participate in or support Buyer's subsequent effort to properly record the said new deed, unless Buyer then remits to Seller an additional $250.00 for the additional performance demanded.
11. Provision of relevant forms by Seller in electronic file format such as PDF or fax shall constitute good and sufficient delivery upon receipt by Buyer. When original documents are necessary, these shall be sent by U.S. Mail or major national carrier service within three days after any scanned or faxed copies transmitted electronically.

REASONABLE Offers Considered. Negotiations in Good Faith Honored.

Thank You for Looking and Good Luck!